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November 06, 2022

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The "Georgian Legend" has become one of the most stunning musical and choreographic shows using cutting-edge technologies. According to the worldwide press, in its scope and dramaturgy it outperforms the leaders of the genre such as the dance show "Lord of the Dance". Georgian artists gained standing ovations in Germany, Sweden, England, USA, Japan, Canada, China, in more than 50 countries on all five continents.

"... This is the performance of a lifetime! Everyone should see it at least once in their life!" -   that’s the way the Le Figaro’s French edition speaks of the "Georgian Legend". Reporters of the New York Post believe, each show becomes a real bounty  for the audience. Georgian dances have no analogues. Traditionally, judging by movements and posture of a dancing Georgian, a family could decide whether their daughter should get married him or not.

Georgian dances have no analogues

Dancing on their fingers, spinning on your knees is a great art. And women... Have you ever seen the way Georgian women glide across the stage - like swan on a water surface. "You must be born Georgian to be able to dance like that," the dancers  themselves  explain. The performance is filled with love for their Homeland, there is everything embodied in the music, songs and dance: a gust of wind, the beating of drums, the magnificent silence of the mountains, the joyful murmur of mountain streams…

The entanglement of plots and events, skillfully embodied on the stage, fabulous scenery and costumes, the top- level of light and sound effects turn the “Georgian Legend" into a triumph of Caucasian culture on the world stage.